witnessing while walking

forgot to wear sunscreen again

When I say, “The flower is beautiful,” the flower has vanished from me. Now it is my mind, not the flower, I am concerned with. Now it is the image of the flower in my mind, not the flower itself. Now the flower itself is a picture in the mind, a thought in the mind, and now I can compare with my past experiences and judge. But the flower is no more there.

When you verbalize, you are closed to experience. When you are nonverbally aware, you are open, vulnerable. Witnessing means a constant opening to experience, no closing.

What to do? This mechanical habit of so-called thinking has to be broken somewhere. So whatsoever you are doing, try to do it nonverbally. It is difficult, arduous, and in the beginning it seems absolutely impossible, but it is not. It is not impossible—it is difficult. You are walking on the street—walk nonverbally Just walk, even if just for a few seconds, and you will have a glimpse of a different world—a nonverbal world, the real world, not the world of the mind man has created in himself.

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