Waiting for chicken to cook

Talkin ebook plans, cooking, etc

The last post I made said that I should write every day, and then I haven’t made a post since then. lol. But I do write in my journal most days, so it’s all good.

I partly feel bad for the fact that I am going to post this on twitter later when most of the posts I’m gonna do here are kind of self-serving. I just don’t have it in me though to write like a blogger. And I haven’t really set out the time to work on some new prose poems or fic.

Speaking of which, I suppose I can share some notes on that stuff while I’m here:

  • I have a file called A new ebook.docx and it has some shit in there I’ve written recently. Sometimes I go on ramblings in a note file and then toss them in there, and I’ll sort through it later.

  • I have a short story in there that I submitted for this genre-mashing fic contest so there’s that.

  • There’s also this thing I got inspired to write after reading Nick Land for 20 minutes. That is to say, I have no idea what the fuck Nick Land is talking about intellectually, so I just tried to ape the style he used in “Meltdown”. I still think it’s kinda cool though and is filled with some of the paranoia/conspiracytheory type poison I’ve let enter my mind in the last couple years though

  • That’s probably a good summation of the themes I hope to express—paranoid batshit type stuff; scrambling for mental escapism (but also feeling remorse about it) because there are no physical places left to escape (or are there?); absurd mental constructs unironically created as coping mechanism against the unseen threats we are told are all around us; convincing myself dbz is real but it just takes place in another part of our galaxy. That kind of stuff.

I don’t have time for anything but I keep cramming in more activities, so we’ll see what happens. I already know though—I will burn out from trying to do everything at once, and then I will reprioritize to stay sane. It’s actually not a bad thing though… I get to have my fun and then it’s just my internal mechanisms telling me not to fuck up—mental failsafes.

Also I just wanted to say that I am cooking more for myself but I still have this irrational fear that anything I cook is immediately going to burst into flames if I leave it in the oven or on the pan for too long. Comment below or tweet at me some of your favorite beginner recipes and I’ll tackle them.