Two kinds of Dōgi

Gokū wears this dōgi almost every day for the rest of his life. He wears it because he is dedicated to his shugyō and never strays from the Dào. His external clothes are a representation of his internal dedication. Because Gokū wears his dōgi wherever he goes, he does not need a special dōjō to train in. He is always in the Dào and the world is his dōjō.

There are rare occasions in the Dragon Ball Z anime and movies when Gokū is forced by his family to take his dōgi off and deal with real-world issues, such as shopping, but as soon as the villains appear, Gokū puts his dōgi back on and powers up to fight. It’s an external physical change that represents the internal change of Gokū stepping back into the Dào. The contrast between when he’s wearing common clothes and dealing with secular issues, and when he’s wearing his dōgi and dealing with spiritual issues, reflects the contrast between those who are trapped in human affairs and those who dedicate themselves to cultivation.

Padula, Derek. Dragon Ball Culture Volume 3: Battle . Derek Padula. Kindle Edition.

Study/Gym Dougi

I need to get some color on my shoulders, so I started wearing these tanktops at the risk of looking like a gym-bro. Doesn’t really matter what I look like when I’m in this dougi, that’s kind of the point. I’m just here to be comfortable and move loosely while I either do a workout or am expecting to spend several hours in front of a computer or a book. The shorts are ones that I bought a year ago and wear almost every day inside my place now. The shoes are barefoot style from Xero.

Outdoor/Social Dougi

For a while there I was keeping my study/work dougi on when going out to run errands, or even wearing it to a friend’s place when feeling particularly lazy or uncaring.

Two things wrong with this:

  • As they say, you never know who you’re going to meet when you go outside. Day-gaming relies on this truism—if you’re looking, you’ll find at least one good approach opportunity a day, and you want to look good for it. As my luck would have it, I always see at least one hot girl when looking like shit.

  • Wearing your dougi carelessly reduces its effectiveness, because you end up removing the “ritual” from it. Everyone from CEOs to fiction writers have used the idea of uniforms to get them into work-mode. Taking it out of its proper environment means you’re just wearing pajamas outdoors.

Therefore, my outdoor/social dougi is not one look. It’s just casual clothes that look decent and are well fitting. The part that makes it a dougi is having the discipline to actually put it on. It can take any form as long as I feel comfortable enough to do an approach in it.

Lately though I’ve been really into black, white, and grey. Makes me feel like I’m living that classy NieR aesthetic. Think collared shirt or polo with some grey pants and white shoes.

I have some t-shirts as well, but I want to slowly phase those out by getting more proper shirts, whether new or thrifted. I’ve also learned the wisdom of getting shits that are large. Fitting shirts are purely for dudes with low bodyfat and muscle—I don’t even mean “meatheads” or “fratboys” or any other such stereotype. If you look fit, you should totally wear those types of shirts. If not, you will be forced to suck your belly in and still not look as good as if you’d gone with something larger.

I’m also opening up to the idea of using brighter color shirts to peacock a little and get some attention, but ultimately I avoid those because I’m not always sure that the outfit works. I’m kind of retarded in this area and would rather stick to what gets me feeling comfortable and confident, rather than going out with something bold that makes me feel like I have to keep my ego on the defensive.

For this same reason I don’t wear even my “cool” anime shirts out very much anymore, though I have gotten a girl’s number and later banged her from wearing a Vapor95 anime t-shirt. The difference there is that I was out at a trendy bar in LA and had a few drinks in me. For going out to the grocery store or elsewhere, it’s not something I’m really comfortable with pulling off. It has nothing to do with the t-shirt your wearing and everything to do with how comfortable/confident you feel in it, and if you’re not feeling completely confident in it, then you’re forcing yourself. Do it as a challenge to yourself if that’s what you want, but for now, I’m trying to make the approach as easy as possible.