Saying Goodbye to the Bird App

Been contemplating for the last month or so if I should get rid of my Bird app account. Bird corporation as a whole has gotten increasingly commie over the last few years, so I hate to support it.

At the same time, the “ideological battleground” exists on places like Bird app. At the same time, I really wasn’t participating in the ideological battle except for liking and RTing things. Kinda lame of me.

I started thinking about what if the things I write on Bird app were to get showcased on some massive screen for everyone to see, or if they were sent to people that weren’t my immediate friends and family. Would I be proud of what they see? Not really lol. Not that any of it is particularly bad… but not really good, either. So why waste my time on it? Bird app feels increasingly lonely even though I have met many people from it.

I’ve made many friends from Bird app, some that I have known for nearly ten years now. I’ve fostered intimate relationships with girls that I met through Bird app, who I would have never met otherwise IRL. But love comes in many forms and can come from any place at any time when you least expect it. I’ve given God the keys to that and I have faith that even if I sit in this apartment-shaped box for the next five months, he’ll still find a way to make the right person appear in my life when necessary—if necessary. I’m not above the idea that finding a “right person” is simply not what I need.

I haven’t had fun on Bird app for a while now. The most fun I had was when I was being a vtuber… I was tweeting furiously and living for it every day. I was on a real Gary Vee type grindset. Social media is not an issue when you know exactly why and how you are using it, with an end-game in mind. Out of the thousands of people I had passing interactions with during vtuber days, I came out with about less than 10 friends who I don’t know if will ever even contact me when they realize I’m not Birding anymore. Likewise, I might not feel the desire to contact them either… maybe our friendships were never that strong.

There’s also the matter of using Bird app as a marketing tool. After all, no one will read my substack post if I don’t Bird about it, right?? Guess it doesn’t really matter though. There’s that old maxim about “Don’t write it if you wouldn’t write it for yourself,” but also, I think there are still ways to get people to read your content. I also think in general I need to spend more time crafting this content without the distraction of what Bird app purports to give.

Social media is a big shit lately. Messaging apps are cool, and I wish we could return to writing emails to each other, but I don’t think that’s coming back. Telegram, Discord, and the desktop version of Instagram are all I need for now I think.

One instance where I think Bird app can still be useful is for a non personal account. Namely, an account such as one for Bikkuri Book Club that will post things like site and book updates. An account that is detached from personal use and only for the purpose of a brand… a vehicle to disseminate the product.

Also, kind of looking forward to the time I’m gonna save not checking my phone for notifications.