Reminder to self

Make sure to write every day

Woke up thinking about how important it is for me to get back into writing again. Even if it's just for daily journal keeping… There's a note I wrote to myself in my journal a long time ago about how keeping your OWN voice in the foreground everyday with writing helps push back all the other voices that are influencing you every day; the ones you encounter at work or on social media or on YouTube or wherever. Lately have indeed been feeling lost in the sea of all the other influences around me. I think one of my strengths/weaknesses is that I'm a bit sensitive to those kinds of things. If I find something new I like, I get obsessed with it for a few weeks before something new starts to fire me up. Likewise I sometimes find a certain person whose ideas represent exactly what I need to hear at that moment in my life, so I try to absorb everything I can. But really that kind of thing is unending if I let it be, always jumping from one thing to another… It would be good for me to step back more often, to weigh all of those thoughts--keeping some and rejecting others--and then synthesizing them all into my own thing. So I'd say the first step begins with keeping my daily journal again, even if it's just a few paragraphs, and reminding myself what I sound like. (But even this is all a pattern of behavior that I've noticed in myself; whenever I stop doing my journal is when I start getting lost again).