Lately I'm feelin' deadly

*sweats profusely*

Lately I’m feelin deadly... Deadly like I'm overheating from a virus and just gonna collapse while driving my car to Trader Joe’s after work and then die. My brother said the car wrecks that don’t leave any skid marks are from people who fell asleep or had a seizure at the wheel. I’m feelin’ deadly like while swabbing my ears with a q-tip I’ll get a moment of weakness, my knees collapse, and I lose my balance. I hit the wall, jamming the q-tip into my ear and piercing my ear drum. Feelin’ deadly like my skull is caving inward and my mind floods with :smiling_imp: thoughts plotting against me, Pathetic Beta Male* thoughts, like that people don’t wanna associate with me and that I don't "fit in" or some other consumerist mindset that my brain is still trying to detox. Feeling pretty deadly until I eat some carbs and meat and then I'm actually deadly, like ready to kick some shit across the room from all the energy that’s been uncapped. Might bust out a few pull ups just to show you I mean business. Might even DM a girl a risky message. Might flex a lil in the mirror. Damn haha. Doesn't last for long though. I’m already back at the computer for another 8 hours, this time voluntary. Other than that I'm doin pretty ok, you?

*Said like this