Go take a walk

April 27, 2021

After you eat dinner, make sure to go walk around. As the sunlight is pressed beneath the weight of twilight, you will feel your head begin to get lighter. Your vision becomes staggered and lags like your consciousness's connection to this plane is plagued with high ping. This is a type of mental fatigue that some people develop a type of anxiety from, which they call depersonalization or derealization, but it's entirely harmless. It also helps to think of it as your brain burning off all the mental toxins you've accumulated throughout the day. Part way through your walk, a few minutes before you make it back home, your head will be left but nothing but the only thoughts that actually matter. All the things you thought you needed to write down, all the comeback you could have made but couldn't think of in the heat of battle, and all the negative thoughts looping over and over again in your mind like Vines will be ctrl + shift + esc'd and deleted out of your list of mental processes to be freed up not just so you could fill them with more thoughts, but so that you can release your resources and allow your mind to run at a lower temperature without all the RGB fans blasting. Some other ways to achieve this kind of thing are with alcohol or cigarettes or other smoky treats. They're just as good, but they come with baggage, so that's the bad part. Baggage won't kill you immediately but it'll wear on you and wear you down incredibly thin with repeated use. As you walk around outside, make sure to push off with your glutes so you land more on the mid-foot section rather than heel striking. You want to land with a "soft" knee. You might feel like an invalid when you try walking like this for the first time. If that's not normal, than I'm just doing it wrong. Catch me scooting past your house with exaggerated step and tell me "Sorry, it's my last one" if I ask for your ciggy.