Journal 9.3.21

Went to a local bar with some pals—a favorite locale of ours.

Cigarette coupon girl. Came out to sell coupons for tobacco and nicotine products. Great hair: shoulder length, dark, wavy. Nice body accentuated by some skin-tight legging-shorts (??). Wearing all black. Dark skin. Looked Hispanic. Nose ring. Nice, gentle eyes. Looked a bit older than me but I didn't care. Definitely “my type.” Told her she smelled great, cuz she fuckin did. Seemed good-natured and laughed with us when me and the others asked about her coupon job. Could have been customer service. Might not have been. It really doesn’t matter in the realm of shooting one’s shot. I should have asked her name and gone from there, but I wasn’t thinking. Will maybe see her again since she frequents bars late at night. Should commit “If anything, at least ask for a name” to memory. We left shortly after, and I did have thoughts of going back to talk to her again, and I should have taken them even if it was me being extra. Those are the moments where I need to be an alpha and not care what anyone else thinks.

Don’t forget the sting of regret.

Been reading Roosh V’s “Bang” and gathered some solid quotes. A few below especially worth noting for today:

Short of seeing a therapist or taking mind-altering drugs that have dubious effects, the smartest course of action is to face your fear head-on. I don’t care if your heart is about to explode from your chest, if your face is redder than a tomato, if you can barely breathe, or if you’re on the floor having a seizure while foaming from the mouth—you’re going to look a girl in the eyes, open your mouth, and say the words. If you can’t do that—if you can’t contract your vocal cords to produce a sound in the presence of another human being, you may want to contemplate building a cabin in the woods where no girls will bother you.

Realize that there will never be a perfect moment to approach. The idea of the “perfect moment” is a belief held by guys who never approach. If you sit and wait until the moment is right, you only end up psyching yourself out while her group gets larger, the situation gets more complicated, or she ends up leaving. When you’re a beginner, there’s no benefit to waiting more than five seconds when you spot a girl, unless she’s running to the bathroom with her hand over her mouth. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

If you see a girl you like and think about approaching her, you must do it, no matter how difficult or unnatural the situation may appear, even if you feel nervous and know you’re going to bomb. I often find myself in a coffee shop where there is a tough approach at the table next to me. Even if I’m not in the mood and think the odds of a successful approach are zero, I still make myself do it. Not only does this eliminate the fear of approaching over time, but it also teaches you how to deal with tough situations.