App Ideas

Going to make all of these when I'm a level 100 developer

BetterTwitter: Twitter without a timeline. You just tweet and reply to replies. Marketed toward self-proclaimed content creators who get too distracted to make content.

WorseTwitter: Anonymous twitter app that is simply one endless timeline. No user profiles or avatars. Just a constant stream of shit.

BetterFacebook: An app that crashes immediately upon startup.

BetterInstagram: Instagram but it automatically deletes any upload with a TikTok logo in it.

Dating app: This app is going to save society. It basically works like this:

  • Men choose who they like/dislike based entirely on the appearance of the women.

  • Women are at first only allowed to see a resume-style list of qualifications and job experience that the men submit. They choose based on this.

  • If a couple match, it’s set so the man is the one who sends the first message.

  • No one is allowed to use the keyboard. There are only pre-set messages, like playing an online Nintendo game.

  • You can combine messages to make cryptic Dark Souls style soapstone messages.

  • Each person has a button that says “I want to meet.” If both people have the button pressed, then contact info that you have already entered when making the profile will be dispensed to the other person. You can then contact each other outside of the app. The app will NOT reveal if one person has pressed the button until both of them have pressed it.

  • There will be other steps in the process so arduous and tedious that it will prevent people from using the app purely to increase their Instagram follower count.

Dopamine Detox app: Anytime you click anything in your phone, a prompt comes up asking if the phone has permission to perform that action. There’s no way to turn it off until 24 hours after you start it.

Productivity app: Input the tasks you need to work on. The app asks for a ridiculous amount of information for every task and marks all fields as required. By the time you finish inputting all of the tasks you will feel stupid for wasting all that time. The app will explain this to you as well.

How to Draw Anime App: Shows you only how to draw an anime girl face from 3/4 perspective.

Porn Addiction Roulette App: An app that tries to shame you into breaking your porn addiction. When you send an image in a text message, it will instead pick and send a random picture from any folder in your phone.

Will think of more apps later